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All About G.E.M.

I'm a community servant full time and a United States Army Veteran that has fun, dancing and have a good time while all entertaining that special moment for you. Please give me a call or fill out the form we have on here.


Here's a list of some of our types of music:

Oldies, Disco, Hip-Hop, R&B, Country, Rock&Roll,
Heavy Rock, 80's, Alternative, Big Band, and so
much more.

Here's a list of some of our favorite music:

If we listed this we wouldn't have enough room.
We have well around 3500 songs on our list.

I like to entertain, I love music, and I enjoy meeting new people. So what better way to enjoy life as entertaining for people for there special moments and being apart of that moment. I hope to see you all on the dance floors.

Lights, Fog, Bubbles, & Music


We have many different lighting options, disco ball, fog machine, bubble machine, and an variety of music. Soon we we have more lights snow machine, and lots more fog. We look forward to becoming your DJ for all of your occasions. We have 2000 watts of music power and well around 3500 songs on our list.

We have music from the 40's until today. We love to dance to them all and love to watch everyone have the time of their life. If your having fun so are we. We are only happy if you are happy.

"Brilliant at making your memories unforgettable"